Objective and Activities

As HEPDAK, our objective is to contribute to the enhancement of the quality of nursing education in Turkey by conducting accreditation, evaluation and information studies for nursing education programs, to the delivery of a safe and effective care and to promotion of the public health by training better educated and more qualified nurses.

HEPDAK engages in the following activities to realize its purpose;

• To evaluate and accredit nursing education programs upon the application of institutions.

• To carry out the selection and training of evaluators who will take part in accreditation processes.

• To inform and train nursing education program administrators and faculty members about program evaluation.

• To ensure to determine program evaluation standards and to review and renew evaluation standards and processes when necessary, by continuously monitoring the current and future needs of the stakeholders of nursing education programs.

• To organize meetings such as courses, seminars, conferences, panels, and workshops at national and international level for realizing its objectives and to support activities within this scope.

• To communicate, cooperate, and carry out joint projects with national and international associations, professional organizations and accreditation bodies related to education, evaluation, and accreditation.

• To conclude international mutual and multilateral recognition agreements.

• To be a member of relevant national and international organizations.

• To conduct and have examinations and researches conducted for the activation and development of its activities.

• To provide all kinds of necessary information, documents, and publications, to create a documentation center, to create a web page, to publish publications such as magazines, books, etc. according to its objectives to announce its activities, to issue working and informative bulletins to be distributed to the members, to prepare printed and audio-visual materials related to its field of work, to disseminate them via mail and e-mail for realizing its objectives.

• To provide a healthy working environment and to provide all kinds of technical tools and equipment, fixtures and stationery materials for realizing its objectives.

• To carry out aid collection activities and accept donations from within and outside the country in accordance with the procedures set out in the Law No. 2860 on Collection of Aid and provided that the necessary permissions are obtained.

• To establish and operate commercial enterprises to provide the required revenues or to become a partner in enterprises with similar purposes for realizing its objectives.

• To purchase, sell, rent, rent out, and establish incorporeal rights on movable and immovable properties needed for the activities.

• To establish a federation or to join in an existing federation, to establish facilities which associations can establish upon permission by obtaining the necessary permission, and to establish foundation unions with some of their properties if deemed necessary for realizing its objectives.

• To carry out joint projects with public institutions and organizations on issues within their fields of duty, without prejudice to the provisions of Law No. 5072 on the Relations of Associations and Foundations with Public Institutions and Organizations if deemed necessary to achieve its objectives.

• To establish platforms to realize a common goal with other associations, foundations, trade unions, unions and similar non-governmental organizations in areas related to their objectives and not prohibited by law.