Quality Policy

Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Nursing Education Programs (HEPDAK), which aims to enhance the quality of nursing education in Turkey, has adopted the principle of continuous improvement of nursing education by fulfilling the requirements of continuous improvement and quality philosophy in its works. HEPDAK has a quality policy regarding maintaining the quality of its services at the highest level and ensuring the continuity of these services.

All the members participating in the accreditation process establish relationships based on respect and trust with all the institutions and their employees communicated and cooperated during the service provided.

HEPDAK provides continuous improvement by operating its internal and external feedback mechanisms. It creates learning opportunities for all the members participating in the process, within itself or at similar organizations for continuous learning and encourages people to participate. It ensures that members are aware of their own potential and provides support to them for their learning needs.

The core values of accreditation are learning, community, responsibility, integrity, and continuous improvement. HEPDAK provides services that will contribute to and develop all of its stakeholders in line with these core values. It uses feedback mechanisms to develop and observe the values. It focuses on ensuring that all services it provides benefit the organization and then society, conducting its services holistically and continuously improving through feedback.

Development of cooperation is important in achieving success in order to reach the highest level in the service provided. Thus, HEPDAK searches and develops opportunities for cooperation with national and international organizations. The cooperation is sustained depending on its compatibility with the objectives of the relevant organizations, their expertise, mutual information sharing, collaboration and mutual respect, cooperation and openness.

People involved in every stage of the accreditation process are responsible to the stakeholders. All the members are experts on their own fields and carry out their works according to high level of ethical principles that are open and accountable. Thus, they perform a professional behavior by avoiding conflicts of interest within the scope of the Code of Ethics of HEPDAK. HEPDAK has responsibilities of informing and accountability for all its activities, especially accreditation activities.